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Business Services at San Francisco SFO Airport

Airline Lounges are itemized under their respective terminals - listed at 'Terminal Maps'
Business Center at SFO Airport:
  TripTel (tel. 650-821-8000, or visit www.triptel.com), open 8am-8:30pm - at International Terminal's Main Hall Arrivals Lobby - offers fax & copy services & cell phone rentals (advanced reservations recommended).  See also 'Travel Services' below.
CLEAR is for expedited security lane access in all terminals by means of a biometric card. visit www.clearme.com for more information. CLEAR automats are in all Terminals: at IT: Boarding Area (BA) A & G security checkpoints; at T1 at Boarding Area B & C security checkpoints; at T2 at Boarding Area D security checkpoint, and  at T3; Boarding Area F, security checkpoints F1 & F3;
Cell Phone rentals & Busines Services are at IT's pre-security, Main Hall Lobby (tel. 650.821.8000 or visit www.triptel.com.
Express mail services, including UPS and Federal Express,
can be found at the departures / ticketing level of the International Terminal, near boarding area G.  Mail boxes are at curbside, on Departures/Ticketing levels of all terminals.
Financial Services are listed separately by "Banking" & by "Currency Exchange" services.
Global Entry,  sponsored by US Customs, allows for expedited clearance for pre-approved and low-risk passengers, when arriving at the U.S. visit globalentry.gov for more information.  The Global Entry Enrollment Center is in the Internatonal Terminal, Main Hall, pre-security.
Internet:  Free WiFi is available througout the terminals and in the Rental Car Center.
Lodging, Transport & Attraction Boards with free phone service to local hotels, motels, rental car agencies & Limo services are in the baggage claim area of all terminals.
U.S. blue Mailboxes are outside of all terminals, at curbside on Departures/Ticketing level.
Power outlets are available throughout the terminals. Note at Terminal 2's food court the Power Bars.
Rapid Charging Units ('BA'  = Boarding Unit)  Terminal 1, BA B, gate 23; BA C, gate 43/  Terminal 2, BA D, gates 54 & 58;  Terminal 3, BA E, gate 69; BA F, gate 87and entrance to gates 80-90
Rental Cars: The separate Rental Car Center can be accessed from all terminals via the AirTrain.
Shoeshines: at T1, BA B, Gate B22;  at T2, BA D, retail street;  at T3, BA E, near gate 69 & BA F, Gate F72,  at International Terminal inside 'Freshen Up' in main hall of pre-security area.
Showers are available in the International Terminal,  near Boarding Area G, inside 'Freshen Up!' & offers toiletries, ironing facilities & undergarments.
Spa:  XpressSpa is a full-service spa available at International Terminal, BA (Boarding Area) G, gate G100, at T2 BA D Retail Street; at T3 BA E at gate 60; & T3 BA F, gateF80-90.
Storage (for bags, dog kennels, golf  or surf equipment, skis, bikes, canoes - at IT, Main Hall, pre-security - tel. 650.877.0422
TSA Pre-check lanes are at Terminal 1, 2 & 3, at pre-security boarding area security checkpoint.
Travel & Business Services:  The Airport Travel Agency is a full-service facility, also offering busines-center-related services (fax, copy, notary, passport photos), as well as baggage shipping & wrapping.
Valet Parking by  'ParkVALET'
- follow signs to Departures Level of Domesticc Terminals roadway - opposite control tower.
Work Stations are available 24/7 throughout the terminals at pre- & post-security, with laptop charging.
Yoga Room is free - located at T3, Boarding Area E near gate 69, open 24/7.

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As your hub for information about San Francisco Airport, iFly.com can help you get to, through, and between any airport in the world. Here are a few popular topics which can help you get through SFO stress-free: 

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