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Albany Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Albany Airport Parking Rates & Info

Albany Airport offers a wide variety of convenient and economical parking locations. All Albany Airport lots accept EZ-Pass Plus and credit cards. 

Note that rates shown are for normal operations. Discounted rates may be in effect due to Covid-19, and some garages may be closed. Please be sure to check with the airport for further information about disruptions/changes to parking at Albany Airport. 

The South Garage, opened in 2020, is now available for parking on floors 1, 2, & 3. 

ALB Short-Term Parking

Rate: $24/day (free for the first 30 minutes)

Found on the 1st level of the Parking Garage, directly across the main terminal. Perfect for dropping off or greeting passengers.

ALB Garage Parking

Rate: $14/day (free for the first 30 minutes)

Located in the parking garage directly across the main terminal, floors 2 > 5. 

ALB Long-Term Parking

Rate: $10/day

There are two additional Long-Term lots at both the east and west ends of the terminal. The east and west ALB parking lots are credit card or EZ-Pass Plus lots only.

ALB Economy E-Lot

Rate: $6/day

Best Albany Airport parking option for longer-term needs. Located from Albany-Shaker Road. 24-hour free shuttle to / from the terminal. The rear E-Lot exit is automated and will only accept credit cards or EZ-Pass Plus.

ALB Disabled Parking

Customers with disabilities can find designated handicapped accessible parking in each parking lot. Note: Vehicles parked in designated handicapped space must have a handicapped license plate or visibly display a valid handicapped flag

ALB Valet Parking

Rate: $10/day

Located behind the Parking Garage of Long-Term lot. Easily leave your vehicle there and inform the day & time you will arrive back. Upon your return, your vehicle will be waiting for you right where you drop it off.

Parking Information 518 242-2277

Albany ( ALB ) Airport Parking Map

Albany ALB airport parking map

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